Ilona USA is a luxury streetwear brand for artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs whose mission it is to create value, understand culture, and promote all positive forms of art, business, and technology across the globe.  In doing so, we can become more skilled, ethical, and intelligent citizens of a cooperative global society. 

The Creative Club is an online publication, platform, and collective that exists to promote, inspire, and educate young artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. Our mission is to encourage every individual to become self-made by creating value for others in doing something they truly love. Knowledge is paramount and paradise is possible through design. 

Tailor by Taylor (Taylor Kinahan) is the founder and lead designer at Ilona USA @tailorxtaylor 

Weird kids change the world. 

Stay Casual. 

our mission is to create

See you in space

November 21, 2015

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Dream World

November 20, 2015

short film by tailorxtaylor 

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Ice Cream Mountain

November 20, 2015

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