Founded in 2011 by artist Taylor Kinahan (tailor x taylor), Ilona is a casual luxury streetwear brand that honors great art, and great artists. We believe in self-creation by combining art and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to make artists, cool by celebrating and outfitting the most creative minds of our generation. The motto we live by: Weird kids change the world. 

tailor by taylor

Anything Can Be Learned

September 30, 2015

[Artwork by tailor x taylor] Have you ever found yourself discussing the methodology of a particular job or task and someone proclaims glibly: it’s not rocket science (dummy)! Usually it’s said in reference to a simple job that has been botched or as a facetious remark about an entire profession that is based more around manual labor ithan intellectual wherewithal. This is usually done as a way of insinuating that the task at hand or lesson to be learned is easily done and does not require excessive intellectual capacity. But what I proclaim is this: rocket science isn’t rocket science... either. That is to say, rocket science can also be learned just like any other discipline and we in fact inhibit ourselves from expanding our minds by putting any profession at...

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